Самолет Samba

Producer DISTAR CZ, a.s.; 1. máje 228; CZ-504 01 Nový Bydžov Branch – U Letiště 1381, CZ-56206 Ústí nad Orlicí Composite structure with solid chassis, pilot side – left, max. tank capacity 2x50l; fuel gauge, fuel valve ANDAIR, electrically operated wing flaps with position signalization FLYBOX 12V socket,seats with 4 point belts, cab with 2 ventilation windows, hydraulic disc brakes, brake control on pilot side, handbrake, laminate wheel covers; canopy tinted green ROTAX 912 UL engine 80 hp, 3-blade fixed propeller, charging indicator standard analog air devices: air speed indicator, altimeter, variometer, compass, slip ball standard engine devices: oil temperature, oil pressure, CHT, RPM or TL3724

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Standard instruments (included in basic price)
Air speed indicator
km/h, mph
meter, feet
Verticalspeed indicator
m/s, ft/min
Magnetic compass
north, south
Engine instruments
analog, Tl 3724
Rotax 912 UL 80 HP
Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP
Rotax 912 ULS3 100 HP
Rotax 914 UL Turbo (115 HP)
Classic 170/3/R
Classic 170/3/R
Woodcomp hydraulic propeller KW-20 2BLADE
Woodcomp hydraulic propeller KW-21 3BLADE
Extra instruments
Turn and slip indicator dia. 80mm
Manifold pressure gauge dia. 60mm
Fuel pressure gauge dia. 60mm
Dynon D100 EFIS 7″
Dynon D120 EMS 7″
Kanardia Nesis II 5,5″ with engine monitoring LX Cluster display
Glass cockpit (if supplied by customer) – basic
ICOM A210E with Intercom 160x34mm
Funkwerk ATR 500 dia. 60mm
Becker AR6201 dia. 60mm
LX navigation KRT 2 dia. 60mm lightest!!!
Antenna UL-A1
Radio installation (if supplied by customer)
Garmin GTX328 159x42mm
Funkwerk TRT800 H-LCD dia.60mm
Becker BXP6401-2-(01) dia.60mm
LX navigation KTX dia.60mm, lightest!!!
Altitude encoder ACK A-30
TRIG TT21 with mode S dia.60mm
Antenna Rami AV-74 (CI 105)
Transponderinstallation (if supported by customer)
Garmin Aera 500
Garmin Aera 550
Garmin Aera 795
Garmin AirGizmos Panel Dock for Aera
GPS installation (if supplied by customer)
Miscelaneous Anchorset (tie downs,straps)
Cloth canopy
Cloth aircraft cover
Design stickers estimate
Extra equipment
Upholstery Classic (seat covers)
Upholstery Comfort (side walls)
Upholstery Elegance (seats bathtub, dashboard)
Rescue system Galaxy 472,5kg
Rescue system Galaxy 600kg
LED spotlight
AVEO posistrobe PowerBurst R+L
AVEO strobe MiniMax (1pcs)
Heating in cocpit
Ventilators(2pcs upper side dashboard)
Vents in dashboard
Deep shelf
Map shelf in dashboard
Electric fuel pump
Tow hook E
Wide wheels
Painted dividing line (wheel covers)
Transparent canopy
Cabin lock
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  • Demanded delivery date
  • End of production date
  • Confirmed delivery date
  • Serial number
Additional arrangements 1) Prices of instruments and equipment are subject to change without prior notice before the date of signing this order 2) Delivery terms: EXW Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic 3) Agreed discount from the basic price 4) Agreed discount from the equipment price